Welcome to my tiny piece of Internet! It's not really my first website, but it's the first one just in English and made with the fucking iframes. Created as a homage of some sort to wonderful and talented people of neocities who share my dislike for Web 3.0 and this thing modern Internet is turning into. Grab some coffee or tea (I'm not judging! or am i?) and please enjoy your stay, lovelies!

xoxo Nancy ^

updates log and more news!

22/11/06 finally added buttons and linked some pages I really like
22/10/31 finally started to work on this page lol
22/08/11 the neocities account was created! lol

to do

add buttons add links to fave pages post my TES journal share some study notes
update credits page share my highlighters collection new h1 background add my OCs pages