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Hello, I'm Nancy!

Okay, so I guess it doesn't say much about me, fair enough. I'm 24 year old person from eastern Europe, I'm currently trying to get my master's degree in Japanese studies and working as English tutor part time. What else, what else... Ugh, I really like pink! yeah, obviously, like nobody could tell until I decided to drop this piece of information lol I already have my own website to post stories and other creative endeavours, but since it's in my first language, I'm not really going to share it here (it's also a bigger work in progress, and there's A LOT of placeholders, so,,, ya know, maybe one day!). But I decided to join the neocities community, because many people whose pages I've found here really inspired me and encouraged to make my own website for my hobbies, so I decided to join in order to honour them in some sort of way.

I'm neurospicy neurodivergent (asd + edf), I've also been struggling with depression and anxiety for majority of my life, and Internet was a way to escape the reality I couldn't really fit into no matter how hard I tried. In my free time I enjoy writing stories and fanfictions, drawing or playing video games (The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series are my favourite!). And despite being a lesbian I simp for waaay too many male characters. But hey, fictional men just hit differently, you know?

I'm terrible with deadlines, but I hope I will be posting something here soon. Also, English isn't my first language, so fuck ups are more than simply likely to occur.

Take care, loves!

xoxo Nancy ^

call me: Nancy, Nana, Nan, Nance, Nancea
age: 24 years old, I'm so old ;^;
tarot signs: virgo / taurus / pisces
birthday tarot: Star + Strenght
MBTI: my friend keeps telling me it's ISFP
lgbt status:
hobbies: games, bujo, animanga, reading, science
blood type: 0 Rh+
waifus: Megurine Luka, Roxana Agriche, Yae Miko, Eleonora Asil, Lisa Minci, Yor Briar
husbandos: Nanami Kento, Mercury (Shining Nikki), Martin Septim (TES IV), Arcade Gannon (Fallout New Vegas, ik he's gay but so am I! just lemme hold his hand ;;)

favourite colours


I have a pet dog called Jambo, a wonderful mix of golden labrador and greyhound (that's mostly a joke, he just looks like a blablador and greyhound smashed together, in reality we have no clue) My natural hair color is dark blonde, but I often dye it pink, lighter blonde or ginger
I broke my left ankle so badly few years ago I still have scars after surgery. Also this ankle is a bit wider than the one that wasn't harmed My "special interests" include morbid true crime cases, internet drama and lolcows and various not so pleasant subjects
I collect pens and other stationery stuff. I have a huuuge collection of highlighters! And yes, I'm planning to show you them one day, thank you very much for asking haha. But really, I'm planning to do so soon! Nancy isn't my real name (please find a Polish person living in Poland with Polish parents who's actually called Nancy lol, mission impossible), but I decided to use it because it's weirdly both feminine and gender-neutral for me
I love pastel colours, omg I would gladly take a bullet for Martin Septim or Arcade Gannon, because they're my emotional support priest turned emperor and emotional support gay scientist respectively, thank you very much
I almost ended up studying IT, which I actually regret. I think I'd do decent job in the field, but my rodent brain is terrible at math or I believed so, because, suprise suprise, having a serious depressive episode without any medication or therapy, being bullied by teacher and having abusive "friends" doesn't go well with school! Who'd have thought! /sarcasm ofc Yup, I do regret studying Japanese studies on university. Don't study philologies, kids, it'll kill your passion for foreign languages and cultures these languages origin from. Speaking sadly from personal experience... Stick to courses unless you're willing to sacrifice your passion for diploma you may have no use for this got dark 0 to 100 real fast, didn't it
I have osteoporosis. That's a condition which makes my bones more likely to break. I had no fucking clue about it prior to my injury :") I actually enjoy taking notes and reading school/uni textbooks. It somehow makes me happy and gives me some sense of purpose. And I just like to learn new things, so that's the reason behind it, I think

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I am 168 centimeters tall. This makes me taller than 12.7% of men and 70.1% of women.

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